Sample Stories

“It Is Time” by Ann Smith

I am walking through my living room on my way outside when I ask Alexa, “What time is it?” and she answers, “It is time.”
“What?” I repeat because I don’t believe what I heard. “Alexa, what time is it?”. She says in her electronic voice, “It is time to reveal the new world.”

Who is Alexa? I go to my backyard that backs up to the natural world of the Everglades and sit in my hammock to contemplate what this means.

Two days ago a crow flew to the top of the screened enclosure that covers my small backyard. Crows have never been in my backyard. I see them high in the sky flying from their nesting place in large flocks in the morning and again in the evening when they return. I have many birds that frequent the wetlands in my backyard and the usual birds that come to the birdfeeder: the cardinals, blue jays, grackles, doves and hawks that swoop down trying to catch one. So why this crow? And why now?


She made a big fuss at me demanding attention. After a while she flew away and has not returned. Two days before I watched a documentary about the intelligence of birds that scientifically proved that crows and parrots, because they live so long, have the intellectual abilities to reason and solve problems.

For the past year I have had other sacred encounters... with bears and an orphaned raccoon from Hurricane Irma. I am sure there were many others that I just didn’t see or pay enough attention to register.

For years I have felt the non-verbal world of nature was speaking to us and so have many others. Alexa is right. It is time to come together, to connect the millions of people who are already living the new way of being in harmony with one another and all creation. Having attended more than fifty international gatherings, I have experienced the global nature of the women’s movement as well as others. What we are being asked to is to reveal this natural world of Oneness, of immense beauty and a spirituality that is magical. “Ok!” I say to my cat Brownie and husband Whitney who are sitting together on the sofa looking very content. “I am off to gather my friends and colleagues who are living the dream and have global and local connections.”

They both look at me with soft eyes as I prepare to begin calling friends. Whitney says; “Why not, you have nothing to lose, and this just might be able to change the crazy destructive world.”

My friends from around the world have been connected for many years, and each one is connected to hundreds and some to thousands who are living in the new world of a higher consciousness. With technology we can connect without having to travel. With the collective unconscious becoming conscious and revealed, others will join us.

“We will create our own good news,” I say to Brownie and Whitney. “We will show the tipping point of goodness is here.”

We have been practicing for many years... collaborating, sharing, listening deeply and living together as if all life matters. We all have the choice of staying with the old way or being part of nature’s mystical and magical way of cooperation, regeneration and healing. It is time to write a book made up of women and girl’s stories from around the world that will inspire others to know they can make a difference."

13 Heart Shaped Rocks by Sande Hart

Nearly 2 decades ago, while boating on Lake Mojave in Arizona, my 10 year old son found a perfectly shaped heart-shaped rock and gave it to me.


I brought it home, and it still sits on my bookshelf as one of my more treasured gifts.

Then, one day, while waiting for my kids outside, I decided to see if I could find a heart-shared rock, reciting, “Look and you shall find” over and over again. Sure enough I found a heart-shaped rock. 

This started me on a regular challenge. My story inspired others and before I knew it, I had friends traveling all over the world bringing me heart-shaped rocks. In fact, after some LDS missionaries saw my collection (I always invite them in) they returned about 2 weeks later, each surprising me with a heart-shaped rock they went out and found. 

A few years later my friend was asking all of her friends to contribute a rock to a mandala she was making in her front yard. I knew exactly what to do.  I went to a local beach known as “rock” beach. I headed down to the water’s edge and I must have walked a half a mile from one end of the beach and back without finding a single heart-shaped stone. I decided to turn to the ocean and say, ‘Grandmother Ocean” please gift me a heart-shaped stone.” Not long later, there it was, a perfect heart-shaped stone, still wet as if it were nearly delivered to me.  I picked it up, held it up and as I was saying, “Thank You.” a boy about 10 years old was bounding out of the waves and said, “Wow!” I asked him what he meant. He said, “A heart shaped rock!” So, I gave it to him and suggested he go give it to his mom.

I then thought to myself, “Oh well.” and back to hunting I went, only this time, within about 5 minutes I found 13 heart-shaped rocks.


As I was driving home, it dawned on me, I never did ask my 10 year old son where he found that heart-shaped rock.


This story does not stop there, and it may ever stop. A very dear friend, who was on an Alaskan cruise with his wife, had every one of his fellow travelers while on an excursion hike on a glacier.   find his friend Sande a heart shaped rock. Indeed he brought me a perfect heart-shaped stone from that glacier.


"Look and you shall find" has since been a mantra of mine, whether I am looking for a stone, my keys, someone’s good intention, just about anything is available to us if we are willing to look for it and accept it as it comes to us.